The Little Reps are a family of comfort companions inspired by a child’s drawing and a heartfelt wish for happiness and play. “They pop in to our world when they hear a heart in need.”  Each Little Rep is a magical messenger with a hidden Golden Pocket in their soft and cuddly ears.  It’s a chance to be creative and fill the pocket with what is truly needed – treasures of love and listening.


Coming to you from A PLACE OF GOOD, LLC

All copy:© 2012 A Place Of Good, LLC. All Images © 2012 A Place of Good, LLC,  Lisa Hill Photography, Martha Bracey Henson Photography, Grace Garlow Photography. Illustrations: Kaitlyn Halbeisen






The Representatives

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“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.” Victor Borge

“Shhhh...we’re listening to your heart” Jee.Ba, Za.Zing, Tea.La, and Bo.Bo

hear love today

Lisa Hill Photography