The Little Reps have a wonderful story behind their creation. Inspired by a childhood drawing, the truth and simplicity of Graces’ Representatives - an imaginary family of funny, helpful companions - shine with delight.  The Little Rep’s mission was an inspired one from the start. “They come to children who are sad and lonely and who were meant to have a better life and who just want to have fun,” said Grace when asked about the drawing.

Oh, I know someone who needs one!” was a common response when hearing her story, and one that helped to motivate mother and daughter to create the Little Reps family of toys.

Many, many people from our family and community came forward to contribute their creativity, time and money to bring the Little Reps to life.

“Everyone has a story” a neighborhood child reminded me one day. What’s yours?

Our Story

Please go to our blog page and look through the photos and posts to see our creative process at work & get to know all the wonderful people who’ve helped us along the way! Blog/Blog.html

A portion of the money from each sale of a Little Rep will fund an initiative called “Grace At Play In The World.” It’s our wish to give children and their families new experiences so they can feel renewed by the ease, joy and laughter of play.

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Here are the original Little Rep sculptures made by neighborhood children. Each one the same but different - just like us.


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