Little Reps at Play in the World.

Kids: Do you know what a Flat Stanley is? He’s a cardboard character that school children send to each other in the mail. The game is to take pictures of Flat Stanley doing fun things with you around your town or city, and then mail the pictures of you and Stanley back to your friends. Grace and I like to think of our Little Reps like Flat Stanley’s.

We hope that when you get your Little Rep, someone will have tucked something that has a special meaning, meant just for you, into the secret ear pocket. (…a treasure map of places to explore, a baby picture of you, maybe even tickets to something you needed to do). It will be fun to post your pictures and videos on this site to share your stories with other children.

Here are a few Flat Stanley like pictures of us spending the day cruising around, hanging up side down, and just being at home having fun.

Your F.S.T.F. friends,

Denise & Grace

F.S.T.F. = from stuckness to fun

Re Re's sporting a daffodil do

Cul-de-sac cruising is free, free, free!

Re.Re's hovering by the cookie platter. She loves sweets!

For Big Girls Too

Sleepy head...

The Representatives come to children around the world. (made by neighborhood children from everywhere.)