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It’s a big day…I finally published the new website :

Please check it out. It’s still under construction until we can get the shopping cart operational and finalize all the wording and pictures. I am in the process of gathering comments from friends, associates and family. We hope to announce and open  the site in early January. We look forward to hearing from you. Comments can be mailed to


denise and grace

Below is our story as it appeared on CNN

To all who share an interest in our story, a heart felt thank you. We have loved reading through your e-mails and posts. As you can imagine we have had a wonderful response from the above “Survival of the Fittest” segment which recently aired on CNN. Many of you wanted to place an order. We’ve created a Reservation Form that is easy and fast to complete.
We’re working on producing the Little Reps for you to give to someone special. Complete the reservation form and we will contact you when we are officially ready to process orders.

Until then, smiles and hugs!

~Denise & Grace Garlow


Big thanks to Amy and Mark, the CNN crew, for telling our story so lovingly.
CNN crew

CNN Crew, Grace & Denise

Little Reps pop into your world when we hear a heart in need. Our SongEars perfectly attune to your hearts’ deep wish, and with radiating sound and cosmic color – we magically guide you to what will truly please. Like hummingbirds, we hover, dart and fly – connecting you with with the ways of fun.

We are from A Place Of Good and we’ve come here to play!

We have a pocket sewn into our ears "Place something special in here for little hearts in need of care."

We have a pocket sewn into our ears "Place something special in here for little heart's in need of care."

We give big hugs to hearts in need of comfort.

Re.Re.'s having fun hanging out with the big boys.