Little Reps pop into your world when we hear a heart in need. Our SongEars perfectly attune to your hearts’ deep wish, and with radiating sound and cosmic color – we magically guide you to what will truly please. Like hummingbirds, we hover, dart and fly – connecting you with with the ways of fun.

We are from A Place Of Good and we’ve come here to play!

We have a pocket sewn into our ears "Place something special in here for little hearts in need of care."

We have a pocket sewn into our ears "Place something special in here for little heart's in need of care."

We give big hugs to hearts in need of comfort.

Re.Re.'s having fun hanging out with the big boys.

14 Responses to “Shhh….we are listening to your heart”

  • Lisa Ragazzini says:

    ….can’t wait to see you all on CNN!

  • Jen Mathie says:

    We are so proud of you. Your Representatives look great!
    Love Ya, Jen, Brian Benny and Emma.

  • Mikell Thompson says:

    Love them!!!

  • Natasha Hernandez says:

    I just seen you on CNN. I really think that what you are doing is great and gives hope to all others whom are going through similar situations!

  • maina says:

    saw you on cnn, all the best, great idea.

  • Tracy Riloff says:

    I just saw your segment on CNN and think your ideas look amazing! Good luck to you!

  • Keith says:

    Hello from the Bahamas!

    I just watched your story on CNN…what an inspiration you and your daughter are to the world.

    I will be praying for your success.

    Keith Cooper
    Grand Bahama Island

  • Jerry Stokes says:

    Happy Holliday Season…

    I am a 87 year old entreprenur and welcome to the world of Entreprenus.

    What are your products and marketing plans?

    Jerry Stokes
    Charlotte, North Carolina

  • Alexandria Arnold says:

    I just saw your story on I love your ideas. This is an amazing product that really could touch people’s hearts. My two daughters are children of a divorce and I think this would be a comforting product to them. Good luck to you on your venture.

    Lexi Arnold
    Sioux City, IA

  • Susan Roth says:

    I just watched the clip on CNN. Your idea looks wonderful and I would most certainly purchase them for my children. I wish you the best and will add your site to my favorites in hopes that you start selling them soon.

    Susan Roth
    Folsom, Louisiana

  • Kit says:

    Denise, your Representatives are touching, marvelously designed and thought out. I know how much prayer and hard work you have put into them so that they can go out and comfort others. Hooray! And congratulations on the CNN coverage. Not too shabby. Love you.

  • I have tears of joy streaming down my cheeks after watching your story on CNN. My girlfriend heard about your story from another friend. I would like to purchase some of The Representatives to give as gifts…..this is a beautiful expression of spirit and heart!<3

  • TT says:

    hi, love your design, particularly Bo.Bo, when will it be available? I am sure my kids will like them.

  • admin says:

    Thanks for your enthusiasm. We are currently working on having having them made. In the meantime, please fill out the simple Reservation Form so that we can contact you as soon as they are available.

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